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Corona still has a firm grip on us.

Written on 23.05.2020 at 12:35 by Miss CatDeluxe - All I want is everything

We are all currently restricted in our everyday life and have to take the changes as they are.

However, I see a positive aspect in the whole negative story.

We all have more time. That, what we always want so much to be able to fulfill our dreams, to pursue activities that would otherwise fall by the wayside, and above all to be able to properly and extensively cultivate our preferences again.

What does that mean for you now? You've had a long time to think about it and I'm sure you have given a lot of thought to all sorts of shit. But only one thing is important, MONEY FETISH.


No matter how it goes after Corona ends. You can't do anything with your money. Now that you're locked up, lonely, as usual, but can't find a distraction, you finally understand. Your money doesn't make you better, nor does it bring you anything. Except for attention .... If you send it to me, you will get my attention for a while. What a satisfying feeling. The only feeling you need.

So why be stingy when you could buy so much more of my valuable attention?

There is no reason. So I'll see you soon in my chat or buy a clip from me.

And because you are a good and obedient slave, you send a tribute in recognition of my writing.


Miss Catdeluxe