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Valentine's Day 2020

Written on 14.02.2020 at 09:05 by Miss CatDeluxe - All I want is everything


And of course I don't spend this alone. It doesn’t seem familiar, does it? xD


No certainly not. You spend the day on my IGNORE-LINE and get addicted to my clips because, as always, you sit alone in front of your PC. Well done loser, honestly you get praise from me! Why? It is your job to give me rich gifts on Valentine's Day. Whether with money or material things. Since you are a lonely loser and invest everything in me, you did everything right. Good boy.


You don't find yourself in this praise? Then you haven't done anything correct yet! Change this and maybe you can read some praise for yourself.


As I mentioned, I don't spend Valentine's Day alone. I'll go eat with my husband and enjoy the evening, you'll pay our bill. Whether on site or by tribute.