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A New Task for the Impotent Loser
A New Task for the Impotent Loser

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A small micropenis is for me a symbol of amusement. When I stumbled upon this specimen for purchase, it was clear: I need that! Upon its arrival, I wasn't disappointed, at least not as much as one usually is with a penis that's far too short. Because, as I had to find out, it's not just small but also limp as a noodle. The thought crosses my mind that you might have modeled for it, if I didn't know that your penis is even smaller than this miniature piece in my hand. Now I know how you, an impotent loser with a micropenis, must feel, and I can only laugh more about it. You've lost every trace of masculinity you ever possessed. Therefore, here's a new task for you, my little lackey, to finally be useful to me again!