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Ballbusting at the Pillory: Exercising Control and Pleasure (german)
Ballbusting at the Pillory: Exercising Control and Pleasure (german)

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I had a pillory custom-made, allowing for even more sophisticated, painful, and wicked actions to be executed on slaves, ensuring they have no chance of escape. Lub has the honor of inaugurating this pillory. To ensure that he can't escape with his thin arms, we've additionally secured him with ropes. Now the fun can begin. A long-held desire is fulfilled as we grant Lub our undivided attention – at least to a part of Lub. We apply strikes, kicks, and electric shocks to his testicles, bringing him to his knees repeatedly. Compassion from us is not to be expected. We continue our pleasure until we've had enough of tormenting his cock. After using the pillory, we bind him to the cross. I appreciate an appealing decoration in my garden, and he fits in excellently there.