Miss Cat Deluxe
Captivating Surrender: The Slave Burrito Foil Edition
Captivating Surrender: The Slave Burrito Foil Edition

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The idea of putting our slave in a position of complete surrender is fascinating to both me, Miss Catdeluxe, and Lady Minu. This is why we've decided to create our own version of a "Slave Burrito." We carefully wrap Lub in foil until he's immobilized, with only limited movements like hopping or crawling possible. But we don't limit ourselves to just leaving him standing. Instead, we put him on the floor and take the opportunity to indulge in our preferences. We allow him to breathe only with our permission, he must breathe only the air that we allow him to breathe. This opens up possibilities for subtle smoke play. Pain is also part of the experience – we treat him and his "loser cock" according to the rules of a slave. Using a paddle, we deliver strikes at our discretion until the situation becomes unbearable for him. This is how we push his boundaries. Even though his loser cock leaking, he fails to ejaculate.