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Destroy Dick December - Exceed Your Limits (German)
Destroy Dick December - Exceed Your Limits (German)

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Obedient as you are, and full of anticipation, you've subjected yourself to Destroy Dick December, masturbating three times a day for me. Since I'm confident that you're well-practiced and haven't reached your limit with the current workload, I'm upping the stakes. Knowing that sooner or later you'll surpass your boundaries brings a wicked smile to my face. Watching you fall into my traps repeatedly, so unsuspecting as you are, is what I enjoy the most. You thought this would be a walk in the park. You didn't expect that I would use this situation once again to break you down, push you to your limits, and that's where I find the greatest pleasure. At least it won't be cold during this time of the year; I bet your cock is already quite heated.