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Destroy Dick December - Expand your limit
Destroy Dick December - Expand your limit

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Destroy Dick December (DDD) may sound aggressive, but I can reassure you, you will still be able to use your dick afterward. Now that's clarified, the question remains whether you still want to. Some claim that if you do something too often, you lose interest. Well, we'll see if they're right. But as I know you, you love to jerk off too much to let anything take that away from you. So what could possibly happen? You can even jerk off so much that it might make you dizzy. That sounds good, doesn't it? You don't even have to think much, just follow my orders. I'll explain to you precisely how this month will go, and you can start jerking off right away, then again and again. Perhaps one more time? Would that be too much? Now for the fifth time? Who could manage that? - Oh, you can!