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Disgusting cocktail - When Taste Turns to Torment
Disgusting cocktail - When Taste Turns to Torment

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I am more merciful than I originally intended. However, I am convinced that you will see this differently and be grateful that I did not take my word literally and only partially implemented my original intention. But what is this all about exactly? Today, I have the desire to truly see you suffer. Your contorted face of disgust never fails to amuse me, and the accompanying gagging sounds are the cherry on top. To elicit this reaction from you, I've thought about selecting various ingredients for a very personal cocktail while you sit in my kitchen. The goal is to combine ingredients that do not harmonize at all, are disgusting, or have a peculiar consistency. And there are three special ingredients to add to the mix: one at the beginning, my own saliva; one for the grand finale, your sperm, and one ingredient from a part of my body that you would be all too eager to lick. I specifically searched for a large glass to fill it to the brim. However, after filling about half of it, I had a change of heart. My goal is to constantly improve without overwhelming you.