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Double Fuck Deluxe: Unforgettable experience uncut (german)
Double Fuck Deluxe: Unforgettable experience uncut (german)

Video-Length: 14m 49s
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Language: German


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Following our clip "Double Fick Deluxe, do you dare?", we found a suitable victim who willingly allowed us to fuck him with our cocks. We didn't just take him anally, we also stuffed his mouth with a thick cock. As eager as he was to offer his ass, it wasn't sufficiently stretched for my cock. Thus, Lady Minu had to gently prepare it beforehand, allowing me to then fuck the hole with my cock. We proceeded to fill both of his holes, and the little slut moaned approvingly. However, this little filthy pig seemed to have forgotten to prepare properly and ended up defecating on my cock. This is unacceptable! Whoever soils my cock will clean it with their slave mouth!