Miss Cat Deluxe
Double Trouble - Ripped off by our hot middle fingers
Double Trouble - Ripped off by our hot middle fingers

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Miss Catdeluxe and Lady Stefanie together set Stuttgart on fire and of course everything was filmed. So even one like you can catch a little glimpse of our time together. Of course, with our perfect nails, we couldn't resist making a middle finger clip. Purely out of our patronage mood, so to speak. You look so surprised, rightly so, because I don't mean that we treat you to something, you're the one who has to dig deep into your pocket for 4 perfect middle fingers and is allowed to pay a lot for this divine sight. 2 goddesses who verbally humiliate you while sticking their middle fingers right in your ugly face. There is nothing more sublime for you than that very picture. You lose all reason and we take what is rightfully ours.