Miss Cat Deluxe
Freaky Franconia - Minion-Banana-Assfuck
Freaky Franconia - Minion-Banana-Assfuck

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Language: German


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This time we, Lady Stefanie, Cruel Reell and I, Miss Catdeluxe, made Bavaria unsafe. Thereby the Freaky Franconia Clips were created, which absolutely keep what they promise. Freaky, funny, naughty and mean clips. Bavaria is known for its mythical creature, the Wolpertinger. A hybrid of squirrel, duck and rabbit. Unfortunately we could not see one. Instead, we discovered another bizarre creature in Franconia, a banana-loving Minion. Native to Hollywood, this little yellow minion got lost in Franconia. Of course, we didn't miss this rare opportunity and gave the perverted yellow guy an Oscar-worthy Minion banana assfuck, which he will surely tell his countless Minion friends about. The Minion population will travel to Bavaria in swarms to submit to us three bosses.