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Freaky Franconia - Stupid Sayings
Freaky Franconia - Stupid Sayings

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This time we, Lady Stefanie, Cruel Reell and I, Miss Catdeluxe, made Bavaria unsafe. Thereby the Freaky Franconia Clips were created, which absolutely keep what they promise. Freaky, funny, naughty and mean clips. Today you can save yourself stupid sayings, because now it's our turn. There are still a lot of balloons with funny sayings left over from the last party. Just for you. You like stupid sayings, don't you? - At least we have heard and read more than enough of them from you, why you can't do this and that for us. That's why we're not only going to burst your dreams, but also the many balloons squeezing and crushing . One by one, squeaky sooner or later, gives in, just like you!