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Freaky Franken - A dick named Alf
Freaky Franken - A dick named Alf

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Language: German


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This time we - Cruel Reell, Lady Stefanie and I, Miss Catdeluxe - made Bavaria unsafe. Thereby the Freaky Franconia Clips were created, which absolutely keep what they promise: Freaky, funny, naughty and mean clips. There are big dicks (very popular), there are small dicks (very unpopular), there are super small dicks where you have to push into the scrotum to make them appear (super super unpopular), and there are wiener called ALF. ALF is a US sitcom and stands for Alien Life Form - of which we got to see a rare specimen. This form unfortunately also falls under the category of 'unpopular' and you simply can't take it seriously, which thus then applies to the entire male entity that hangs from this prick. An hour full of escalation, in which the boner was quickly killed and ALF turned inside our...