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Ice-chilled reserves : Sperm on Reserve (German)
Ice-chilled reserves : Sperm on Reserve (German)

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Starting today, your sperm is put on ice. Not in the way you might think—no one's aiming for reproduction here. So far, this month is going exactly as you like it. I'm allowing you to jerk off and, believe it or not, even to climax. It must feel like heaven for you. However, I've noticed you're quite wasteful with your precious sperm, whether it's flushed down the toilet or tossed thoughtlessly in the trash. During my vacation, an idea struck me: What if you could save it for a special purpose? That's how I found the solution to our little problem. From now on, you'll be collecting all your ejaculations for me, and you can look forward to them serving a purpose very soon. For those participating in Destroy Dick December – this video is an extra MUST ;)