Miss Cat Deluxe
Lost in Leipzig - More Pig Tears
Lost in Leipzig - More Pig Tears

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Together we, Madame Svea, Miss Catdeluxe and Lady Stefanie, have left a lasting impression on Leipzig and its submissives, slaves and fetishists. All kinds of different locations like BDSM studio, lost place, garden, park, cam etc. were used for our pleasure as well as our amusement! The misery just never ends. The fat fat pig was also presented again at this ladies' meeting. Hoping things have improved. But we were once again disappointed! The grunting beast is still a failure across the board. You can hardly see the end of his cock and his teats are even fatter than before. He fucked his pillow until the rind cracked, so it didn't feel like a minute before a tiny droplet jerked out, which we hardly noticed. At least he ate the butter and even gave some to his pillow friend Miss Piggy. Lady Stefanie, Miss Catdeluxe and Madame Svea were nothing more than disgusted with this lowly creature. It's really only useful as a deterrent display. 100 meters distance is still not enough for such a pathetic loser!