Miss Cat Deluxe
Lost In Leipzig - Sudzuk Or Bullwhip
Lost In Leipzig - Sudzuk Or Bullwhip

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Together we, Madame Svea, Miss Catdeluxe and Lady Stefanie, have left a lasting impression on Leipzig and its submissives, slaves and fetishists. All kinds of different locations like BDSM studio, lost place, garden, park, cam etc. were used for our pleasure as well as our amusement! There is nothing better than to participate actively in and to watch at a slave's ass getting discoulered by more an more welts caused by a hissing bullwhip that has landed before on it. Madame Svea, Lady Stefanie and Miss Catdeluxe have properly swung their whips. In turn, the slave's ass got whipped by us three ladys. Over and over again, you can here the echo of the beating in the room, as well as the groaning of our tied subject afterwards. Even his prancing, his singing and his ass wiggling did not help him along. Merciless, our whips are hissing nearly endlessly through the air and are slamming on his ass until he finally has to give up by saying his codeword "Sudzuk".