Miss Cat Deluxe
Lost In Leipzig - Wish-List-Slave
Lost In Leipzig - Wish-List-Slave

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Together we, Madame Svea, Miss Catdeluxe and Lady Stefanie, have left a lasting impression on Leipzig and its submissives, slaves and fetishists. All kinds of different locations like BDSM studio, lost place, garden, park, cam etc. were used for our pleasure as well as our amusement! Before the session has started this pathetic three-legged loser that called himself "slave" gave us a detailed whish list including all of his numerous taboos. Nevertheless, he was outrageously lucky that we granted him real playtime, although a "whish-list-slave" is more than pitful and off-putting. Well, what shall we say, it was a real desaster for him. Already his boot-licking-foreplay was so poor and bad. It showed us his terrifying incapabilities. Since we were bored and annoyed very fastly because of his poor performance, we demanded him to jerk off. We had hope that this task would lead to more passion and would raise the level of entertainment in our session. Dead loss. This pathetic loser is not qualified to serve three ladies at the same time and has ruined all chances for future group sessions... NEXT!