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Metamorphosis of a Gag: From Ashtray to Toilet Brush (german)
Metamorphosis of a Gag: From Ashtray to Toilet Brush (german)

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Added on: 11.09.2023
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I am thrilled with my new toy and can't wait to try it out on you. I've been gifted an incredibly practical gag that offers more than just keeping you quiet. It comes with three different attachments: an ashtray, a bowl, and another attachment that I personally prefer – a toilet brush. To start, I use you as an ashtray, and the sight alone already amuses me quite a bit. When you kneel before me, gagged with an ashtray attached, I enjoy my cigarette even more. But that's not enough for me. You already know me – if I have the opportunity to humiliate and ridicule you, I shamelessly take advantage of it. This brings me to the best part of this gag: the toilet brush. An extremely effective method, should I need to discipline you.