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Mouth Open, Trash In 2 (German)
Mouth Open, Trash In 2 (German)

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Whether it's my earwax or my used makeup pads, you function as a trash can and absorb everything that I carelessly throw away in your throat. As often before, you kneel naked and humble before me, ready to serve me unconditionally. It's been a while since you last assumed the role of my human trash can and I had my fun with you. I thought this experience deserved a comeback, and that's why you find yourself kneeling before me once again today. My bathroom trash becomes your snack in between. There's something to suck, something to lick, and even something to chew. Whatever I demand from you, you dutifully execute my instructions. I want to witness you as my garbage disposal, and so you shall be, no matter the reluctance it might entail.