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No Nut November - Seductive Feet (German)
No Nut November - Seductive Feet (German)

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Language: German


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Somewhere deep inside you, you feel the tormenting desire that grows stronger and more unbearable with each day of abstinence. It's a mixture of joy and agony when you behold my perfect nylon-clad feet. You sense the heat building inside you, and your cock makes its presence more and more noticeable. I remove my nylon socks, revealing my delicate bare soles. I let them glide up and down before your eyes, every movement a dance of seduction. My feet are just inches from your face, and if it weren't for a screen between us, you could smell the scent of my feet. You wrestle with the urge for release. No Nut November is not only a physical but also a mental test. I make you feel how abstinence is turning you into a stronger and more disciplined slave for me.