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The Versatile Use of My Old Toothbrush (German)
The Versatile Use of My Old Toothbrush (German)

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Environmental conservation is important to me, which is why I don't simply discard my old toothbrush as long as it can still be of use to someone. However pleasant this notion might be, I'm not quite so magnanimous. Before you get my used toothbrush, I have another task for it. I had been planning to thoroughly clean my toilet seat for a while, and this presents the perfect opportunity. As my toilet mouth, you can take pleasure in this, for this toothbrush is intended precisely for this purpose. Thus, I scrub the toilet seat and even I am astonished by what I've uncovered. Well, my toilet now gleams with new brilliance, and your toothbrush is now in suitable condition to come into your possession.