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Unleash Your Potential and Live in Complete Humility (german)
Unleash Your Potential and Live in Complete Humility (german)

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The world is at your fingertips; you can become anything you want, be the person you aspire to be. Is that so? I doubt it, for all I see is a failure before me. A loser who hasn't achieved anything. You've sunk so low in the hierarchy that hardly anyone recognizes you as a subject. I'm voicing what you're thinking. The arousal you feel from my constant humiliations intensifies with every middle finger I show you. You crave my degradations, and finally, someone is telling you the truth to your face. Instead of sympathy, I mock you even more and laugh at you. My words embed themselves deep in your memory. Your thoughts will revolve around me, around how you can be useful to me, whether you'll ever manage to satisfy me. Your boundaries will shift, all to please me one day and become who you truly are—a useful loser for me.