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What happens in Berlin: Does it smell like ham?
What happens in Berlin: Does it smell like ham?

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These and other questions concern us in our next pig's tears session. The disgust is always written all over the faces of Cruel Reell, Madame Svea, Lady Stefanie and me as we deign to train the fat pig in front of the camera and take his incompetence to the extreme once again. A almost imperceptible mini loser dick - that's all the virgin fuck failure has to offer us, because under his pronounced apron of fat his pork pimple retreats more and more inwards. We think pimple is really an appropriate name for it. In addition to pig lard, curly tails, lots of sweat, horny female burglars and butter, this session also includes a lot of emotions that accompany us through this very special half hour of misery. Laugh-disgust is perhaps the best way to describe what happens to us during this tragedy. How are you feeling just reading? Did the description not put you off, but actually make you horny? Are you curious about how pathetic one can be? Our fat pig will show you!